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We are Chris and Melodie. We are passionate about photos, we are passionate about love. When we look around at the world, we seek out the infinite beauty and opportunity. We live in Colorado Springs, and are transitioning to the Seattle, WA area. Your love is what we find beauty inside of, and we hold true to that in our photos. As photographers, we act as a stage to let your love shine brightly off of. We want the natural beauty of who you are to encompass each photograph.
We believe that beauty lies in honest love itself. Our goal is to simply be a stage to let your love shine off of. We approach our photography as a platform that lifts and shows off the love that you have spent so much time building and fighting for. Our desire is for you to be able to love and focus on each other during our times together. We believe in imagery that makes a difference. When working with us, you are investing in photographic art. Our passion is to create unique and innovative photographs that honestly capture you and your story. We love the beauty and fun in life and tend to focus on that with every project we take on. We believe in community. When passionate people are brought together, incredible things start to happen. We strive to open doors to collaborative creation and the pursuit of dreams together. We hope to inspire viewers of our work to face fears that would otherwise cripple the creative process.